Table Layout Creation

  • Custom Table Layout

    Level allows for custom table layouts so you can create a map of your business. This makes finding an open table quick and easy.

  • Bar Tabs

    Quickly create tabs by just entering a name, tabs can even be moved into or out of a table.

  • Table Preview

    From the table layout you can quickly see what tables are open, and see what each table has ordered.

  • Move And Merge Tables

    Level allows for moving items to another table or merge tables with bar tabs.


  • Gratuity

    Accept tips on credit card sales and automatically charge a certain percentage gratuity to a table by entering the number of guests at the table.

  • Discounts

    Create discounts to take either a set percentage or dollar amount off a entire purchase or simply discount individual items on the fly.

  • Quick Tender Button

    A custom quick tender button allows you to close out either cash or credit sales in just a couple of seconds.

  • Split Checks

    Level gives you the option to effortlessly split checks between multiple customers.

  • Super Fast Checkout

    Checking out in Level couldn’t be easier. It can be completed in just 1 or 2 taps on the screen.

Item Creation & Customization

  • Easy Item Editing

    Items can easily be created or edited from any computer even offsite, and changes will automatically be shared to all of the stations in your location.

  • Custom Modifiers

    Modifiers can be used to customize orders. Modifiers make it clear to kitchen staff how a dish should be prepared to make them more accurate and efficient.

  • Custom Images

    Add custom images or color-code your products to allow your staff to quickly and accurately enter their orders.

  • Grouped Taxes

    Multiple taxes can be grouped together allowing Level to handle complex taxes for items like liquor or glass bottles that can have multiple taxes beyond standard sales tax.

  • Highly Customizable Tax Rates

    Tax can be customized for standard percentage sales tax, per item tax, or even based on the volume of the item.


  • Export Reports

    Each report can be exported to a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet making Level reports compatible with hundreds of devices and software.

  • Search Receipts

    Search through all past sales to either perform refunds or re-print receipts.

  • Built-In Graphing

    Reports have built in graphs making it easy to see sales trends and understanding the data included in each report.

  • Built-In Inventory Tracking

    Keep track of stock levels so you know what is selling and what needs to be ordered.

  • Powerful Reporting

    Use any of the 30+ built in reports to quickly gauge how your business is running. Each report can be customized to only show the current day, week, month, or any custom date range.

  • End Of Day Reports

    Run an end of day report which includes daily sales, and an optional list of items sold.

  • Employee Reports

    Custom user accounts allows you to track sales made by each employee. Also track employee times, wages, tips, voids, and discounts.


  • Remote Printing

    With Level you can setup up to 6 different remote printer, plus a standard receipt printer.

  • Kitchen Display

    Save paper and increase efficiency with kitchen display. Shows orders and modifiers for cooks and staff to expedite the order.

  • Kitchen Notes

    Easily add notes to an order to ensure that guests request are communicated from the front to the back of the house.

  • Smart Printer Routing

    Create your own printer groups to choose which items will print at each printer. You can even have items print at multiple printers.

  • Optional Receipt Printing

    Choose which payment types you would like to print receipts for so you’re not wasting paper on receipts that are not needed.